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June 1, 2007
Every Tuesday night, at the Wellness Center, HeartBright holds its New Beginnings Healthy Living Classes. These classes offer a complete personalized healthy living plan focusing on nutrition and exercise. When individuals experience the New Beginnings classes they are offered a fresh start. They learn how to select the best heart healthy foods which for many is crucial when past choices have been less than favorable.

One exciting new addition to the classes is the nurturing of a garden. In conjunction with Charlotte Green and Myers Park Methodist Church, the members of the New Beginnings classes are going a step further in nutrition education. This hands-on practical experience aims to further each member's ability to achieve long term independence.

New Beginnings Class Garden

Many working families in our area can only afford one meal a day and often the food isn't nutritious. As a result, their blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and heart disease are unmanageable.

HeartBright and City Chevrolet assists these families by coordinating a monthly Angel Food Program. Approximately 250 families are registered with 10% in need of sponsorship. A box of food costs participants $25.00 and will feed a family of four for a week or one person for a month. Make a difference, feed a family. To find out how, call the HeartBright office at 704-582-9239.

One of our New Beginnings class members Mrs. Tillman, is the grandmother of three children struggling to make ends meet. She is learning to eat better and take care of herself and her grandchildren. Mrs. Tillman also receives sponsored Angel Food boxes to feed her family. With the education and support from HeartBright, the Tillman family is receiving the nutritional benefits they need to live a longer, more healthful life.

With the New Beginnings classes zeroing in on nutrition and exercise, HeartBright plants as many positive seeds as possible in the community.

CJ Williams, C.R. Miller, and Dr. Roberts

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