May 2018  

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  J. Bryan Fuller
Mr. Fuller received a BS in Business Management/ Marketing from Clemson University in 1991. He has worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry in three separate capacities within Merck and Co., Inc. He began his career in Savannah, GA in primary care sales. He then worked as a Respiratory Specialty Market Development Associate in Nashville, TN. Finally, he moved into his current position as a Senior Cardiovascular Specialist covering Charlotte, NC and surrounding cities. In this he works with and calls on all cardiologists and endocrinologists who are involved in the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease. He integrates his business development and marketing efforts with the help of 16 Merck and Schering-Plough sales representatives in and around Charlotte, NC.

Additionally, he is heavily involved in bringing education programs centered around the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease to the Charlotte (and surrounding cities) medical community. Internally, he serves on the senior/executive leadership council for Merck Cardiovascular Specialty Division. Bryan is also a member of the Charlotte Pharmaceutical Association called Carolina Pharm Reps. He is married to Jeanette and they have two sons named Chase and Cole.


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